In 2001, The Louis J. Appignani Foundation, Inc. was established with an initial endowment of $2,500,000. It’s Mission Statement reads:

“The foundation’s fundamental premise is that all mankind is part of the same family, sharing one home… planet earth, and that the root cause of the world’s problems are due to differences of religion, race and nationality. Barriers created by faith based ideology must be replaced with the foundation’s “holy trinity” of Humanism, Science and Futurism if our planet is to survive. We will therefore encourage secular activities that can result in significant, vital and measurable long term cumulative effects on our planet’s population and environment. This can best be accomplished by supporting creative thought organizations that spread humanistic values, expand creative educational opportunities, encourage long-range critical thinking and emphasize scientific reasoning.”

Some of the foundations Initiatives have included the following:

American Humanist Association ($1,000,000. Endowment 2009)
Appignani Humanist Legal Center, Wash., D.C. (Since 2006)
Appignani Bio-Ethics Center at the U.N., N.Y.C. (2004-2010) - replaced by Global Biotehics Initiative
Appignani Foundation Lecture Series on Science, Reason and Secular Ethics, U. of Miami Philosophy Dept. (2004-2011)
Richard Dawkins Foundation (2011)
Secular Coalition for America (2003- present)
Center for Inquirycent
Women’s Bioethics Center
Secular Student Alliance
Institute for Humanist Studies
American Civil Liberties Union
Genetics Policy Institute
Gables Stage Miami, Fl. (2003- present)