The Louis J Appignani Foundation has taken some significant steps recently to strengthen the Free Thought Humanist Movement. The emphasis has been to broaden and expand the base of the American Humanist Association, in the following ways:

1 The “Appignani Million Dollar Challenge Grant” has been completed with Appignani donating $1,000,000. to the American Humanist Association (A.H.A.) to set up a permanent endowment which will enhance it’s future growth. The challenge was that for every dollar raised from membership dues and contributions in 2008 over what was raised in the previous year, would be matched up to $1,000,000. Congratulations go to the A.H.A. for accomplishing this amazing feat.

2 The Appignani Bioethics Center at the U.N. was transferred from the umbrella of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (I.H.E.U.) to the American Humanist Association (A.H.A.) Over the past five years the Appignani Bioethics Center has developed significant academic credibility, under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Ana Lita. The Center receives scholarly support from many of the top academic, scientific and medical bio-ethicist in the world. This level of academic involvement will now significantly enhance the statue and broaden the scope of the A.H.A., and should increase the growth of both organizations.


3 We recently learned that President Barack Obama selected Dr. Jonathan Moreno, a key advisor and Honorary Board Member of the Appignani Bioethics Center, to fill an important leadership position on his science team. Dr. Moreno, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and Professor of Medical Ethics, History and Sociology of Science at the University of Pennsylvania, has participated in several of our conferences. The Appignani Bioethics Center appreciates his invaluable service and is proud of his accomplishments.


4 The Appignani Humanist Legal Center formed 3 years ago, has participated in several recent law suits and presented legal briefs to protect the rights of non-believers. The legal Center has the pro-bono assistance of well over a dozen prominent attorneys who assist our staff.


It’s amazing what can be accomplished even lacking the financial resources of the religious establishment, if projects are chosen wisely and competent, dedicated leaders are selected. There is a counter-revolution developing in this country to reverse the disastrous failures of the last eight years. The Appignani Foundation and the entire Humanist movement is actively involved in this mission. This will continue and accelerate in the 21st Century. There is no turning back to the darkness of the recent past. Inertia is on our side.